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Credit Solutions

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Did your mom ever drag you around on every errand when you were a kid? if she did then you're just like me. (and probably everyone else were not that special) Well one of my oldest memories was going to First Union bank in the 90s. For me it was a "Cheers" situation you know the song "Wherre everyyybody knooows yourr naaame" growing up everyone gave me their expired credit cards so I could play and pretend I was shopping and I kept them all. People sometimes still give me their cards maybe I will create an art piece one day, but for now I used them to create a different kind of art piece. I created First Unrld.

I knew I wanted the text on the T shirts to seem like a real bank, and honestly some people got confused. I think they thought I was opening a bank or trying to sell them on a checking account. So I guess my marketing worked lol. I needed it to have a catchy slogan. You know like "what's in your wallet" ... or whatever. So I bounced some ideas off my brother and my boyfriend. like I normally do (they're my sounding board)

My brother said some shit about money moves and I added the simplifying and from there it was history.

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